Well don't I suck?

First of all, congratulations to Sam80853 for her two year Canuckiversary. Here's to many more :)

Secondly, I completely missed Paul's birthday showing that I do truly suck at fandom. This was a big birthday as well, and I wasn't even there to pop out of his birthday cake. So happy belated birthday Paul (and Martha, come to think of it, whose birthday is also in late April)! Keep doing what you're doing and you won't go far wrong.

Thirdly, Paul's Governor General NAC award thing is this weekend, so hopefully there'll be some art to go with the reports. Hurrah! It must be nice to go to an awards ceremony knowing that you are definitely going to win.

Fourthly, Passchendaele won lots of Rosies - Alberta's film awards, last weekend as well.

Fifthly, the National Post did a horoscope based on "If you share your birthday with..." thing. Their one for April 30th was just someone writing about Paul, sod the horoscope part:

Actor/writer/director Paul Gross (1959) shares your birthday today. You have a strong, dominating personality, in part because you believe in duty. (Even though you would love to lead a relaxed, gracious life.) You value family and friends; and you need their respect. In return, you are highly protective. In the year ahead, you will finish or let go of something you've been involved with for about nine years to make room for something new.


So, how are all of you?

Interesting Part II

"I have to also confess that I was kind of irritated with Harper Collins for presenting the [Passchendaele] book as though I had actually written it -- I thought it was a little cheeky and not entirely honest." - PG on the First Weekend Club Q&A.

Makes me wonder how much control 'authors' or names have over book publications once a big name publisher gets involved - seemingly none. It's fraud, isn't it, on some (moral) level? What do you think? Good job he benefited from it, I guess, otherwise he'll be causing more of a stink. Ahem.

And he shows off his decency and moral side in answers like this, in response to a slightly odd question about whether Germany will be on the 'good' side during the next war (WW4??!). The blatant underlying xenophobia of the question itself made my eyes water a lot a little, but the answer was great. Emphasis mine, BTW, for a thought you rarely hear in public life, particularly with military interventions.

"I have no crystal ball and can't quite imagine what shape, if any, the next global conflagration will take. At the moment it seems unlikely that western Europe will splinter entirely so whatever happens it would seem that Germany will be on our side, whatever might happen. If we're on the wrong side they will be right with us. I'm very leery of using terms such as good and evil when it comes to the First World War. It was a very complex and tragic series of events that led to that cataclysm and the finger of blame can be pointed with ease in any number of directions. In terms of the actions of individual soldiers they were no better, no worse than the allies. It was a slaughter yard where easy distinctions such as good and evil had little purchase. As to its deeply enigmatic nature, I would direct you to ‘The Pity of War' by Ferguson." 

This is why I like him. Also, reading his words is like watching a really good porn film and eating chocolate cake. Just to bring the tone down a little.

Paul's Q&A answers are up


I've only just started reading them but already have a huge grin on my face as he writes exactly like he talks. :) More answers will be posted over the next few days apparently. Any comments here welcome!

P.S. I know he is a very eloquent and erudite person, but he's really taking his time answering these - either he's finished with Eastwick or he's really bored on-set.

ETA: "We will release in the UK – I’m not sure when." Oh come on, I so called that one with my previous post. I deserve a prize.


...Passchendaele has just been given a 15 (age) rating by the British Film Classification people today.

Not that the rating matters, but what is interesting is WHY they have been asked to classify I sense a UK release on theatre or DVD (more likely) somewhere in the future?

P.S. High Flyers are a (v. small) film distribution company, so yeah, something could be happening.


How did I manage to miss this report of bakaknight meeting Paul at the Ottawa prem of Pass back in September? Amazing photos.

P.P.S. I so didn't know this:

"This year, he was joined by spokesperson for the SickKids Foundation, actor Paul Gross"

Oh and VIDEO!


imeem doesn't seem to like your Show Must Go On vid now - it's still the very best fanvid I have ever seen in my life, and had a sudden urge to watch it please? pretty please?

(and I'm going to keep posting this pic so it is forever at the top of my lj. It makes me smile)

Help me out!

A few weeks ago, when we were still talking about the Genies and various other things, we heard that Paul had been nominated for a few other awards as well. One in particular was due to be awarded on his birthday, but I can't find what on earth this was. I think he's up for a Writer's Guild Award (as well as Martha!) and these are due to be given out on April 20th. The NAC Governor's award thing is on May 8th/9th...was there anything else I've missed?

Let's hope he turns up to one of these events, I'm starting to get the bends again. [Feel free to temporarily relieve my condition with pictures BTW] :)