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He's having fun with this - completely tongue-in-cheek interview here about the TSO/Mozart thing:

Bits I like:

1. "Peter is responsible for the deeper background information," Gross explains, "and I get all the punchlines … we're just in the process of rehearsing now. It's going to be seamless, professional and absolutely Earth-shattering."

2. When pressed for details on the roles he'll be enacting, Gross won't give any clues, but says, "I intend to improvise quite a lot. I have some things I'm just going to come up with on the spot. Some interpretive dance."

Oundjian looks at him cautiously and adds: "And I have the controls to his microphone."


In other news: We've been hibernating over here due to the weather, winter and wine excess. Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year. Once present we received from a fellow living-history buff was a 'Merlin' DVD - I'm now utterly obsessed with it. Colin Morgan? Best young actor I have seen for years and years, and the show's brightest asset by far. Must be something in Irish genes...
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