bjohan57 (bjohan57) wrote,

Dear Paul

I admire you a great deal, I hope you know. I love the way that you have single-handedly revolutionised Canadian arts, are so intelligent, sparky and outspoken it makes my brain vibrate with joy, have rightfully reminded an entire nation of their history and their patrotic roots and have produced and appeared in complex, intelligent, fascinating productions which are beyond worthy of the medium.

But please remember this: You are also an incandescent actor. So when you are sitting next to your co-stars and think they are speaking complete and utter drivel, it may be an idea to cover up your facial expressions, so that it appears that you don't think they are complete ninnies. It may just help a little to do this now, so once you take over the production in a couple of years, things will run smoother.

That said, I thought you were hilarious in this video, without even saying a word.

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