Sad News...

...about Paul Quarrington today. Whale Music was a seminal part of modern Canadian culture, but, unsurprisingly, my fannish connections with him are through the other Paul: Whale Music of course, PQ's behind the scenes articles about Men With Brooms (most memorably when he got 'fired' by PG for not actually doing anything, and so just played around with the stuff in PG's office), not to mention their obvious connections on Due South. In many ways the two men's careers have been intertwined from the beginning, and so they proved to the end as the two men apparently spent Paul Q's final night playing Scrabble online. It seems an oddly fitting tribute to their friendship in many ways.


He's having fun with this - completely tongue-in-cheek interview here about the TSO/Mozart thing:

Bits I like:

1. "Peter is responsible for the deeper background information," Gross explains, "and I get all the punchlines … we're just in the process of rehearsing now. It's going to be seamless, professional and absolutely Earth-shattering."

2. When pressed for details on the roles he'll be enacting, Gross won't give any clues, but says, "I intend to improvise quite a lot. I have some things I'm just going to come up with on the spot. Some interpretive dance."

Oundjian looks at him cautiously and adds: "And I have the controls to his microphone."


In other news: We've been hibernating over here due to the weather, winter and wine excess. Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year. Once present we received from a fellow living-history buff was a 'Merlin' DVD - I'm now utterly obsessed with it. Colin Morgan? Best young actor I have seen for years and years, and the show's brightest asset by far. Must be something in Irish genes...


Apologies for being away for so long.

Back in September my husband was diagnosed with cancer, which has just made things awful for the last few weeks. He seems to be on the road to recovery again now, so I'm starting to regain my fandom spirit a little. So what better way to come back than to see pictures like this?


So rather like Sam, I have to ask: What have I missed? Hope you are all ok.

I'm hearing...

...that The Gross has been nominated in the Directors Guild of Canada Awards - anyone else hearing this? I can't find much on it. I think Pass. may also have a couple of more nominations up its sleeve, but if the nominations have been announced, the story hasn't been picked up yet.

Ah wait:

ETA: More Articles:


Oh Dear

I just watched Sideways for the first time. This is a film which had a significant cult status, changed people's drinking habits and won quite a few major awards. Here are my deep and meaningful thoughts:

"Hey, it's Sandra Oh!"
"Hey, isn't the woman playing Sandra's mother the older waitress that Paul slept with in Tales of the City?"
"Wait a minute, wasn't the bartender guy in a later episode of Due South, playing some kind of bad-guy?"

The answer to the two bottom questions was 'Yes' by the way. Can-Con inbreeding is alive and well, it seems. :)

Dear Paul

I admire you a great deal, I hope you know. I love the way that you have single-handedly revolutionised Canadian arts, are so intelligent, sparky and outspoken it makes my brain vibrate with joy, have rightfully reminded an entire nation of their history and their patrotic roots and have produced and appeared in complex, intelligent, fascinating productions which are beyond worthy of the medium.

But please remember this: You are also an incandescent actor. So when you are sitting next to your co-stars and think they are speaking complete and utter drivel, it may be an idea to cover up your facial expressions, so that it appears that you don't think they are complete ninnies. It may just help a little to do this now, so once you take over the production in a couple of years, things will run smoother.

That said, I thought you were hilarious in this video, without even saying a word.



from Belgium, Nov 2007...presumably just after that interview where the woman asked Paul a dodgy question about keeping his marriage fresh (or something) and his mind swerved into the inevitable...tongue action happened, I'm telling you. No wonder Martha looks smug.


Pinched from Flickr - the other people are the ET folk.